Shipping methods

Order processing time

In general case all orders start being processed immediately after they are received. Normally the completed order is dispatched only after the payment is received.

The order processing time depends on the following circumstances:

  • The volume of the order: it takes longer to collect the large variety of products, than collect a couple of products.
  • The time that order was placed: all orders that are sent after 3PM wll be processed only on the next business day
  • The load level of the company: at the high season time (like school or christmas time) the processing time might be increased due to large quantity of the orders

Thus, the avarage order processing time is about 1-3 business days depending on the mentioned circumstances

NB! Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ has the right to cancel the shipping method that was selected by customer, if the ordered goods are out of the allowed limits set by providing delivery service company (i.e., the total weight or size are out of the range). In this case our sales manager will contact the customer in order to find the best solution of this situation.

Free shipping is available only for private persons for orders ranging from 59 EUR and up (valid for deliveries only in Estonia)

We offer the following delivery methods :

Itella SmartPost terminals

It is available only for Estonia and Finland

Here is the list of the terminals:

Estimated delivery times and prices are:
1-2 business days aroud Estonia (3.5€);
1-3 business days to Helsinki, Finland (13€);
3-5 business days to other parts of Finland (13€).
Parcel is holded in terminal for 7 days.

Omniva terminals and regular post

Omniva terminals are available only around Estonia
Omniva terminals map:

Estimated delivery times and prices are: 1-2 business days (3.5€);

Regular post is available for sending to any country. Avarage price is 30€, the estimated delivery time is 7-14 days depending on the destination country

VENIPAK courier

Venipak is a company providing quick delivery services and other logistic solution in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Europe and elsewhere.

Delivery price depends on parcel size and weight.

Pickup from shop

The order is delivered to the chosen shop during 1-5 working days. Client is being informed about delivered order by email. The order is kept in shop for 3 days.

ExWorks or pick up in warehouse

Please select this method if you want to order your own transport. Or there is no any other available delivery methods at the checkout
Our warehouse addres is:

Läike tee 1, 75312, Peetri alevik, Estonia

Working time: Mo-Fr 9:00-16:30

It is only possible to collect prepaid orders from the warehouse. You will recieve an email confirmation upon your order being ready for collection.

No goods are sold on location.

Other options

In case of large volumes or specific needs, our managers will do their best to find the best solution for you.