General terms and conditions

1. Validity of contract of sale, product and price information

1.1 These general terms and conditions and ordering terms and conditions (hereafter the Conditions) of Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ (hereafter Hammond) shall be valid for all parties (hereinafter the Purchaser/Customer/Client) who use the e-Store at (hereinafter the e-Store), order goods and services (hereinafter the Goods) in the e-Store by entering into a contract of purchase and sale (hereinafter the Sales Contract) in order to purchase Goods in the e-Store.

1.2 By accepting these Conditions, the Purchaser confirms that they have read the terms of the Sales Contract, agree to them and will follow them.

2. Placing an order

2.1 It is possible to purchase those Goods in the e-Store that have an ‘Add to the cart’ link. The price and the availability of the Goods may change at any time and without prior notice. If the Purchaser has placed their order before the price of the Goods changes, the price valid at the time of the order shall apply.

2.2The Seller has the right to cancel the received order via the e-Store and not to deliver the Goods or Service ordered under the following circumstances:

  • the Goods are out of stock
  • the price or qualities of the Goods have been displayed in the e-Store incorrectly due a system error.

2.3 Shopping cart and placement of orders

Put the goods into the cart. The quantity of the goods can be adjusted in the shopping cart. Proceed to the checkout. Only registered and logged in customers can place order. Therefore, if customer is logged out, it would be asked to log in or create a new account. After successful authorization the billing and shipping information must be entered. The next steps are to select the shipping and payment methods. On the last step the order review should be carefully revised and confirmed by agreeing with the present terms and conditions: select the "I read and agree with the terms and conditions" and click on the button "Place Order". Depending on the selected payment method the customer will be redirected to the corresponding page to proceed the payment. .

Please be very careful in entering your billing and shipping information, as this is very critical for the quick and uninterrupted delivery of the products ordered.

In general case the Sales Contract enters into force when the amount payable is transferred to the bank account of Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ.Normally, order that is pending the payment longer than 7 business days will be canceled

2.4 Payment for the Goods

The payment should be proceeded only in Euro.
Depending on the billing country different payment methods are available.
In general, the following payment methods are available at the checkout:
  • The links to the banks(Swedbank, SEB, Nordea Pank, Danske Bank, LHV Pank ).
  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit cards via PayPal
  • Wire Bank Transfer
(Read more on: PAYMENT METHODS )
All personal data disclosed in the course of visiting the e-Store and making purchasers shall be treated as confidential information. The encrypted data communications line with the banks ensures the security of the personal data and bank account information of the Purchaser.

2.5 Delivery

The Goods will be delivered with the shipping method that was selected in the order. Read more about the delivery terms and conditions .

Please make sure that the contact data entered during the placement of the order are correct in order to prevent delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of products. Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ and a courier company do not assume any liability for the delayed delivery and misunderstandings, if these have been caused by the inaccuracy or incorrectness of the data that you submitted during placing your order.

The Goods shall be transferred only to the Purchaser and against a delivery bill. Before signing the delivery bill, please carefully check the packaging of the Goods and if the packaging has been damaged, write a comment on the delivery bill. If the packaging has been damaged, you may refuse to accept the delivery and/or immediately inform Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ thereof by sending a notice to

The Goods shall be transferred to a third person, if they have a letter of authorisation (including in the event that the Purchaser has indicated a third person in their order as the recipient). The Seller may authorise third persons (including a courier service) to deliver the Goods.

If the Purchaser fails to collect the Goods within 7 (seven) days from the agreed date of the collection of the Goods, it shall be deemed that the Purchaser has violated the Sales Contract and they do not wish the Goods. The Seller has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the Sales Contract and to request compensation for the damage (e.g. costs of Goods storage) and to settle the damage incurred by the amount of money prepaid by the Purchaser.

2.6 Right of withdrawal

This procedure does not apply in the case of withdrawal from a consumer credit contract. The procedure for withdrawal from a consumer credit contract is laid down in the said contract.

2.6.1 The Client has the right to withdraw from a contract entered into in the e-Store without providing a reason within 14 days.

2.6.2 The withdrawal period expires 14 days after entry into the Sales Contract or as of the day the Client physical obtained the Goods.

2.6.3 n order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Client must notify the Seller of their decision to withdraw from the Contract in writing and deliver it to the Seller's store or forward it via e-mail.

Contact details::
Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ
Läike tee 1, 75312, Peetri alevik, Estonia
Or use our feedback form 
(+372) 6566 140

2.6.4 Absence of right of withdrawal

The Customer has no right to withdraw from the Sales Contract if:
a. the Goods were delivered in sealed packaging, cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons and were opened immediately after the Client received them;
b. the subject of the Sales Contract is a gift card and its unique code has already been used.

2.6.5 Withdrawal from Sales Contract

a. Upon withdrawal from a Sales Contract, Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ will immediately reimburse to the Client all received contractual payments, including delivery costs (apart from additional costs arising from the Client's preferred delivery method which differ from the cheapest and most common method offered by Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ , but no later than 14 days after the day on which the Seller learned of the Client's decision to withdraw from the Contract.
b. Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ will refund the before mentioned sums using the same method that the Client used to make the payment, unless the Client proposes an alternative method. Such refunds do not entail any additional service or other costs for the Client.
c. The Client must return the Goods to Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ immediately, but no later than 14 days after they notified Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜof their withdrawal from the Sales Contract. The Goods can be returned to the nearest Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ store. The deadline is met if the Client returns the object of the Contract before the end of the 14-day period.
d. The Seller has the right to refuse to provide any refunds until the object of the Contract is returned or if the Client provides the Seller with proof of having returned the Goods, whichever occurs first.
e. The object of the Contract must be returned to Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ in its original packaging (which may exhibit signs of opening but must not be damaged or used) and in its entirety (all of the items included in the product packaging must be present along with any contractual gifts).
f. The Client must cover any direct costs arising from returning the Goods.
g. If the condition of an item that is to be returned has worsened, the Client is responsible for the decrease in its value if they have used it for a purpose other than ascertaining its nature, qualities and functioning. In order to ascertain its nature, qualities and functioning, the item must only be handled and used to the extent that is usually allowed in store
h. Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ has the right to submit claims arising from the decrease in the value of the Goods against the Client within one month of receiving the returned Goods.

2.7 Cancellation of the Sales Contract

You are entitled to cancel your order without any extra costs after having paid for it, but before the delivery of the Goods. In order to cancel the Sales Contract/Order, please send a corresponding notice and the number of the Sales Contract by e-mail to . We will send you a confirmation on the cancellation of the Sales Contract.

3. Principles of data protection and processing

3.1The Seller shall ensure the protection of the Purchaser's data, including their personal data and the use of the date in line with the procedure prescribed by the Privacy Policy . The Purchaser confirms that they have read and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy. Subject to applicable legislation and the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the Purchaser shall have the right to process data (including personal data) without the consent of the Purchaser to the extent necessary for the operation of the e-Store, the performance of the Sales Contract or for ensuring the performance of the Sales Contract. Based on the above, the Seller is, without the Purchaser’s separate consent, also entitled to: send the Purchaser notices related to the use of the services in the e-Store, including such notices that are in the interests of the security of the e-Store users; to store the data on the orders of the Purchasers who have logged in for the purpose of their better service and the verification of transactions, including, within reasonable time limits, the data on the orders that the Purchaser did not place during a session.

3.2 If the Purchaser has granted their consent for the use of their data for marketing purposes either by the entry into a Customer Contract or by any other declaration of intention (e.g. in self-service) that confirms their consent, the Seller shall use these data subject to the terms and purposes set forth in the Privacy Policy, including for sending personal direct marketing, campaign and discount offers for goods and services to the Purchaser electronically (e.g. by e-mail or text messages).

3.3 The Purchaser is entitled to withdraw their consent for the use of their data for marketing purposes at any time by sending a corresponding e-mail to the Seller, or to decline further direct marketing offers by following the instructions in a direct marketing offer sent to their e-mail address.

4. Liability and dispute resolution

4.1 The Customer is entitled to submit complaints to the Seller with regard to non-conforming (defective) goods over a period of two (2) years from the date of their delivery. A complaint has to be submitted immediately but no later than within two (2) months from the detection of the defect. After the detection of the defect, the Customer has to take all reasonable measures for the preservation and protection of the Goods, including not to use the defective Goods if this would further deteriorate the condition of the Goods.

4.2 If the Goods do not conform to the terms of the contract, the Purchaser may exercise all legal remedies, including to request the repair or replacement of the Goods or to withdraw from the Sales Contract and to return the non-conforming Goods.

4.3 Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ shall not be liable for the following: for the deterioration of/damage to the goods by the fault of the Purchaser, for the defects caused by the irregular use of the Goods and for the normal wear and tear resulting from the regular use of the Goods.

4.4 If the Seller or the manufacturer has granted warranty against defects to the Goods, the warranty conditions in written form shall be delivered to the Purchaser along with the Goods and/or shall be made electronically available in the e-Store.

4.5The Purchaser has to keep the purchase documents (invoice, contract) that verify the purchase of the Goods from the Seller’s e-Store for the resolution of possible later problems. The Seller/customer service assistant has the right to not resolve the problem, if a purchase document is missing.

4.6 Complaints concerning the Goods purchased in the e-Store can be submitted as follows: Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ e-store, Läike tee 1, 75312, Peetri alevik, Estonia, e-mail: . Complaints are also accepted at Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ stores the addresses of which can be found at

4.7The defective Goods have to be presented with a complaint. The Seller and the Purchaser shall enter into a device maintenance and repair contract, if the Goods need to be sent to a diagnostics centre or to experts for the identification of the nature and cause of the defect.

4.8 Defects of the Goods shall be resolved according to Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ Terms and Conditions of Filing Complaints, which form an integral part of the Sales Contract and these Purchase Conditions, and which the Purchaser has accepted before entry into the Sales Contract.

4.9 The Seller shall ensure that the Goods sold in the e-Store conform to the standards effective in the European Union. The circumstances highlighted in these standards shall not be deemed as defects of the Goods.

4.10 You can ask for information on orders: : Monday - Friday (+372) 6566 140 or sending an inquiry to:

4.11. The Customer is entitled to address to the competent supervisory authority, which is the Consumer Protection Board at 2 Rahukohtu Street, Tallinn, e-mail: The Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission is authorised to resolve the disputes arising from the contracts entered into between the consumer and the company that the parties have failed to settle by way of negotiations. Further information on dispute resolution is available at

5. Other provisions

5.1 The images of products have illustrative purpose.

5.2 The prices and availability of the Goods may change without advance notice. In connection with the former, Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜreserves the right to cancel the sales transaction and to refund the money to the Customer within 10 business days to their bank account.

5.3 Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ e-store reserves the right to cancel the sales transaction, if one of the following Goods-related problems has occurred: human error in entering the price or technical error in the system (e.g. if the cutting machine worth 200 EUR is sold for 20 EUR'iga, this is an obvious error. And therefore we assume that the customer would understand that this is an error and the product will not be sold at that price).

5.4 TProduct information is verified and updated on a regular basis. It may happen that the data have been updated after your last visit. As manufacturer’s data sheets can be incomplete, the product information at Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ e-Store might be inaccurate. In this event, Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ e-Store does not assume any liability for the correctness of the product data. However, we recommend that you check the accuracy of product information before your purchase by calling our customer service department at (+372) 6566 140.

6. Validity of the Terms

6.1 These Seller's e-Store Terms shall be valid as of 01.08.2017.