Payment methods

The list of available payment methods depends on the customer country that was set at the billing information

Bank transfer via bank links

When all checkout steps are successfuly completed the customer will be forwarded to the bank login page. After successful authorization, the payment order will appear with the preset payment details. The customer has to confirm the payment. After successful payment confirmation the customer will be forwarded back to the

Regular Wire Bank transfer

After order is received, it will be processed and the pro forma invoice will be sent to the custmer email. The invoiced summ (in Euro) has to be transfered to the Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ bank account. In general case the ordered goods wll be sent immediately after the payment is received.
The company banking detailes are the following:
Recipient name: Nevskaya Palitra - Hammond OÜ
Recipient address: Läike tee 1, 75312 Peetri alevik, Rae vald, Harjumaa Estonia
Bank name: AS SEB Pank
Bank address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE201010220013242010

Debit/Credit Cards (through PayPal website)

In order to pay with Debit/Credit Cards through PayPal website the PayPal method has to be selected and confirmed. The customer will be forwarder to the PayPal website, where "Create Account" button should be clicked. On the appeared page ("Pay with debit or credit card") customer has to fullfill the personal payment details and confirm. (PS! All personal data will be sent only to PaPal and processed only for completing the current payment.)
When payment is successfully completed the customer will be redirected back to the merchant website:


​When the PayPal method is selected and confirmed, customer will be redirected to the PayPal website. After successful authorization, the preset payment order must be confirmed. On successful confirmation the customer will be redirected back to the merchant website: