How to buy?

  1. Find the products you like:
    there are different options how to find products on this website.
  2. Add these products to cart:
  3. Proceed checkout:
    There are 6 steps that have to be done to place the order:
    1. Registration or authorization:
      A customer should be registered and logged in for placing orders. The authorization is required at the first step.
    2. Billing information:As soon as the first step is completed, the billing information will be enquired. At least one address has to be selected, which will be used for invoicing, Customer can add a new address here. The same address can be used as a delivery address. If customer wants to use another one, then the option "Ship to different address" should be selected. Otherwise, the 2n step ("shipping information") will be skipped.
    3. Shipping information:
      If the delivery address has to be different from the billing address,then it should be added on this step.
    4. Delivery methods:
      There are different delivery methods availble depending on the delivery country (read more on "Методы доставки "). At least one method has to be selected and all addional data should be filled if it is required.
    5. Payment information:
      On this step a payment method has to be selected.
    6. Order review:
      As soon as all previous steps are passed, the last check should be done. , In "YOUR CHECKOUT PROGRESS" block the resume information about you billing and shipping information. Please check it and If everything is fine, then place the order
  4. If everything is ok, then the confirmation page should appear which should have information about your order. The detailed information can be found in the account